Trailer of the ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, the upcoming movie of Marvels’ Spider-Man series, was allegedly leaked online on Monday. Ever since the leak, the trailer is being shared online on various platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube.

Sony Pictures, the entertainment partners for the next Spider-Man installment, were quick to turn on the damage control mode and removed all the videos, and screenshots associated with the leaked copy.

While copyright infringement is a serious offence, social media users appeared to be happy with the incident and appreciated the person behind the trailer leak. Soon after the alleged leak, Twitter was flooded with hilarious memes based on the reactions of the makers and artists of the Spider-Man movie. Users also mocked the quality of the leaked trailer.

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Catch some funny memes here.

While the trailer has been removed from almost all mediums, some Instagram pages are still hosting the leaked trailer. The video is seemingly a recording of a mobile screen, on which the trailer is being played. It has a massive watermark across the screen.

As far as the leaked trailer is concerned, it begins with Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, who is dealing with the fact that his identity as Spider-man is revealed before the world and the aftermath of it. MJ, played by Zendya attempts to comfort him but she herself is unable to accept the truth.

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Perturbed by the chaos, Spider-man approaches Doctor Strange, played by the iconic Benedict Cumberbatch, to find a solution who in turn suggests that he should mess with the multiverse. After some back and forth, he is sent spiralling through the worlds, meeting characters from older movies such as Doctor Octopus, Electro and even Green Goblin. Actors Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx and Willem Dafoe’s pictures are also being shared online.