A surge of false claims alleges comedian Amy Schumer’s hospitalization after a TikTok challenge mishap. The misleading video misidentifies a woman as Schumer, sparking baseless rumors.

Recent speculations revolving around comedian Amy Schumer’s supposed hospitalization have gained momentum, fueled by a misleading video circulating on social media. The viral clip features a woman, bearing a resemblance to Schumer, taking a dramatic fall down a flight of stairs, purportedly as part of TikTok’s Stair Challenge.

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Watch the video below:

Despite the video’s apparent credibility, it is imperative to highlight the lack of clarity in identifying the woman’s face, coupled with the absence of any corresponding posts on Amy Schumer’s official social media accounts. The genesis of this misinformation can be traced back to the social media page @LyricVault, notorious for its satirical content, clearly stating that none of its posts represent factual news.

Community notes on X confirmed that Amy Schumer remains unharmed and has not been hospitalized. The account responsible for the misleading post clarified that their content is meant for satire, emphasizing its non-factual nature. Notably, @LyricVault has a history of disseminating misleading stories, including a previous claim that pigeons injured model Kendall Jenner.

Delving into the TikTok phenomenon, the Stair Challenge has garnered substantial attention since its introduction in 2020. The video-sharing platform now boasts over 250 million views of participants attempting the challenging shuffle step up a flight of stairs.

Amy Schumer, renowned for her candid discussions about personal experiences, has not experienced recent hospitalization. While she has openly shared details about cosmetic procedures in the past, there is no recent incident warranting a hospital stay.

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The swirling rumors surrounding Amy Schumer’s alleged hospitalization are unequivocally false, originating from a satire-focused social media account.