X is planning to add an option to bookmark posts on timeline without needing to open the post.

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and its subsequent privatization, the platform has undergone significant changes and developments. The transformation has included a rebranding to “X” and a shift in Musk’s role from CEO to executive chair and CTO. Linda Yaccarino was announced as the new CEO, leaving her previous position as chairman of Global Advertising & Partnerships at NBCU.

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One of the notable changes introduced during this period is the implementation of a subscription model for X. Elon Musk mentioned in a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that users would be required to make a “small monthly payment” to use the platform, citing the need to address issues related to bots. However, the exact subscription cost was not confirmed.

X also introduced government ID-based account verification in partnership with Au10tix, an Israeli company, primarily for paid users. This verification helps prevent impersonation and offers benefits like “prioritized support.” Notably, the data collected during this verification process may be stored for up to 30 days.

An issue regarding unlabeled ads surfaced on X, with some ads not displaying the “Ad” label, making them harder to distinguish from regular posts. It remains unclear whether this was a glitch or an intentional change on X’s advertising platform.

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Additionally, X updated its terms of service, effective from September 29, to prohibit scraping or crawling without “prior written consent.” Furthermore, X announced its intention to collect users’ biometric data, education, and job history, with a focus on safety, security, and identification purposes. However, specific details about the nature of biometric data collection and methods were not provided.

Finally, X introduced a feature for paid users allowing them to hide the Likes tab on their profiles, aligning with trends in other social networks that offer similar customization options.

However, unlike other changes users are impressed with this update.

‘First good update since Elon took over’, commented one user. “That’s great news! It will definitely make it easier to save interesting posts for later”, wrote @marticiaga.

“Wonderful. Elon musk is redesigning what social media is all about”, wrote another user @PharmaKelvin_ .