During a recent podcast interview, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and well-known American comedian and commentator Joe Rogan discussed some details about Tesla’s impending Cybertruck.

During their chat, Rogan made a humorous challenge to Musk, suggesting that they try to shoot a broadside arrow through the Cybertruck’s body to see how durable it is. Musk had before mentioned the truck’s bulletproof characteristics, which led to this exchange.

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In a widely shared video, Joe Rogan uses an arrow to demonstrate the toughness of the stainless steel body of the Tesla Cybertruck up close. The shot only caused little damage to the arrowhead and left a slight dent on the vehicle’s surface. Elon Musk is seen idly smoking a cigar in the background before scrutinizing the car.

The CEO highlighted on the podcast that the Cybertruck will have bulletproof steel panels and that buyers will also have the option of adding bulletproof glass to the car. He continued by describing the comprehensive testing that was conducted on the panels, including evaluations using a Tommy gun, a 45-millimeter pistol, and a 9-millimeter gun.

In addition, he disclosed that the Cybertruck’s “beast mode” model strives for a 0–60 mph (96 km/h) time of “under three seconds.”

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Musk also added that the Cybertruck can travel an amazing 250–500 miles (400–800 km) at an estimated speed of 2.9–6.5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. In 2019, Tesla made its Cybertruck debut. Made of the same stainless steel used in rockets, the car has a futuristic appearance. According to the Tesla website, the electric truck boasts a distinctive geometric design and promises to be more useful than typical trucks while offering performance comparable to that of a sports car.