Several X users—previously known as Twitter users—experienced issues with the social media network on Friday afternoon. They had trouble using the smartphone app to submit tweets, accessing the website, and even checking in. A few others mentioned problems with timestamps, stating that all “Tweets” appeared to have been sent on January 1st, 1970.

According to the website outage monitoring service Down Detector, the issues started shortly before 3 p.m. A lot of consumers were upset because they couldn’t access the website or app.

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There was a noticeable spike in reports on Down Detector at around 2:45 p.m., with thousands of users expressing issues with the website.

Several X users shared their reactions in frustration on the platform. One user wrote, “Everyone running to instagram to see if twitter down #TwitterDown”

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One user wrote, “The employees of Twitter, being radicalized and living in Filthy San Francisco, are most likely the ones taking down Twitter #TwitterDown”

“Yea me too I googled is Twitter down or is it me😭 I got paranoid that I accidentally posted the same meme 5 times ina row” one user wrote.

One user wrote, “Emergency alert, now we can not communicate with each other! what should we do!???@!?!?! #TWITTERDOWN #goldcorp”

In a hilarious turn of events, a torrent of memes swept through social media as users hurried to X (Twitter) to complain about the platform’s outage. These clever works demonstrated the community’s capacity to find humor in glitches in technology. The irony of being unable to briefly “load” Twitter was humorously emphasized by the memes, providing a humorous break from the anger.

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One user wrote, “Most of yall should be at work not wondering if twitter is down. I’m working and I missed all of it 😂”