After wrapping up her final show in São Paulo, Taylor Swift has returned to the United States and is reportedly gearing up to spend the remainder of the holidays with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. According to sources cited by US Weekly, the singer touched down in Kansas City just one day after concluding her performance in São Paulo.

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Swift had to readjust her Thanksgiving plans due to unforeseen circumstances. A makeup show in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled for the Monday after canceling a Saturday performance due to extreme heat and the unfortunate death of a fan, extended her stay in Brazil. This unexpected extension eliminated the possibility of her reuniting with Travis before embarking on the next set of shows in the country. Consequently, the couple had to spend Thanksgiving apart, with Travis Kelce notably solo in Kansas City.

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Looking ahead, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are now poised to celebrate Christmas together. With no more concerts on the horizon until her “Eras” tour resumes in February, kicking off in Tokyo, the couple seems to have a clear schedule for the festive season. Swift’s return to the States marks the beginning of a holiday period where she can finally enjoy some quality time with her boyfriend after the challenges of a rescheduled tour and a string of performances in Brazil