While one
could make an argument for the optimism of Superman, the innocence of
Spider-Man, or the personality of Iron Man, it’s obvious that the most popular
superhero of all time is Batman. Batman is a character who has given fans some
of the most iconic superhero films of all time.

Batman Day
is an annual event organised by DC Entertainment to celebrate and promote
Batman. The first Batman Day was on July 23, 2014. 

6. The Dark
Knight Rises

the first hour or so, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is a good watch. However, the
decision to jump forward in time eight years allows us to see broken Bruce
Wayne, having given up the mantle of Batman once and for all. 

The movie
probably wasn’t intended to be a grim and gritty Shumacher Batmovie, but that
is indeed what it is. We are introduced to Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman and Joseph
Gordon Levitt’s Levitt’s do-gooder cop John Blake, and it is fun to watch
Batman getting back in the saddle. However, once Bane’s nonsensical plans
become clear and he starts to take over Gotham, the movie kind of devolves into
a bit of a convoluted mess.

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second-time jump is misguided, as it leaves the audience wondering how the
mechanics of a madman holding a city hostage for five months works. 

5. Batman v
Superman: The Dawn of Justice

Ben Affleck
can be given credits for saving from going all-out as Bruce Wayne, but director
Zack Snyder just couldn’t keep his plot on track. The movie is a long, tedious
watch devoid of humour or any hint of light spirit.

4. Batman

Forever’ hits just the right tone for what Joel Schumacher was trying to do
with the two films he directed.

played by Tommy Lee Jones is doing stuff in this movie that is hard to believe
even today.

3. Batman

This one is
one of the most complete movies, on its own, in the entire franchise. The movie
has actual characters and everything, and Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne even has

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2. Batman

Released in
1992, ‘Batman Returns’ is the best as compared to other films of the franchise.
It’s really just a political thriller. The Penguin emerges from the sewer and
runs for mayor of Gotham! It’s great stuff, especially now that Donald Trump is

1. Batman: The

This one has
the timelessness factor that none of the other movies do. It’s a delight from
beginning to end, thanks to Adam West’s winking Batman and the coalition of
villains who can’t stop cackling maniacally. 

Now that we
have given you the list, watch these on the weekend.