Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus, the symbol of kindness and giving. Santa Claus has been portrayed innumerable times in film and television. Here are five portrayals of Santa that can easily get people into a warm holiday mood:

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Tom Hanks In The Polar Express (2004)

Santa Claus played by Tom Hanks in Robert Zemeckis’ 2004 adaptation of ‘The Polar Express’, is one of his most memorable characters. Hanks played the role with sophistication and elegance, and an extremely warm and comforting demeanour. The minute he appears he creates a heart-warming moment for the audience.

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JK Simmons In Klaus (2019)

Former Disney animator Sergio Pablos gives a new twist to the Santa Claus origin story with the 2019 Netflix origin ‘Klaus’. The film about kindness and self-discovery is one of the best Christmas movies available on Netflix.

Klaus is an isolated woodman and detached due to a tragic loss. As the film progresses his friendship with Jesper slowly brings out his jolly side. His motto of “a true act of goodwill always sparks another” summarizes everything that both he and the holiday season represent.

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Richard Attenborough In Miracle On 34th Street (1994)

There are rare occasions when the movie remake is better than the original. While there could be a debate around the 1994 remake of Miracle On 34th Street, there are no doubts that it would be incomplete without Richard Attenborough’s portrayal of Kris Kringle.

Attenborough manages to take Edmund Gwenn’s performance a step further. His optimistic and loving personality feels so genuine and real that while trying to convince a court of his identity, he must have convinced some viewers as well.

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David Huddleston In Santa Claus The Movie (1985)

The movie was first released in 1985 and was a commercial and critical flop. The title character played by David Huddleston has gained some attention in recent years as this version has all of the requirements needed for a perfect Santa Claus. His contagious laugh, jolliness, and his love of children are overwhelming. His desire to give is so strong that he’s even willing to risk his life just to bring  a  bit of joy to someone else.

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Douglas Seale In Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

The film is not considered one of the Christmas Classics but it has one of the sweetest and best Santa Claus portrayals by Douglas Seale. Known for giving voice to the Sultan in Disney’s ‘Aladdin’, Seale plays Santa with relentless warmth and sincerity.

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He is not tall or fat and he doesn’t even wear a Christmas suit, but his presence and loving smile just radiate the Christmas spirit. Seale’s performance is almost too pure for a film as goofy as ‘Ernest Saves Christmas’.