Renowned English filmmaker Terence Davies has died at the age of 77 following a brief illness.

Davies was a renowned filmmaker known for his distinctive style and emotionally resonant storytelling. While opinions on the best films by Terence Davies may vary, here are five of his most notable and acclaimed works:

“Distant Voices, Still Lives” (1988) – This semi-autobiographical film is often considered one of Terence Davies’ masterpieces. It explores the life of a working-class family in post-war Liverpool, blending memory and music to create a deeply emotional and visually striking narrative.

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“The Long Day Closes” (1992) – Another autobiographical film, “The Long Day Closes” continues to explore Davies’ upbringing in Liverpool. It follows the life of a young boy named Bud as he navigates the challenges of his environment, offering a poetic and heartfelt portrayal of his experiences.

“The House of Mirth” (2000) – Based on Edith Wharton’s novel, this adaptation is set in early 20th-century New York City. The film stars Gillian Anderson as Lily Bart, a socialite struggling to find her place in high society. Davies’ meticulous attention to period detail and his ability to capture the nuances of the characters make this a standout work.

“A Quiet Passion” (2016) – This biographical drama explores the life of the renowned American poet Emily Dickinson, portrayed by Cynthia Nixon. Terence Davies’ sensitive direction and Nixon’s exceptional performance bring Dickinson’s world and her personal struggles to vivid life.

“Sunset Song” (2015) – An adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s novel, “Sunset Song” is set in rural Scotland before and during World War I. The film follows the life of Chris Guthrie, a young woman facing personal and societal challenges. Terence Davies’ cinematography beautifully captures the Scottish landscapes and the intimate moments of Chris’ life.

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These films showcase Terence Davies’ talent for crafting emotionally resonant stories and his unique visual style. While these are among his most celebrated works, his filmography includes several other notable films that have left a lasting impact on the world of cinema.