Randy Meisner, a bassist and vocalist who was a co-founding member of the renowned rock band the Eagles, died, according to an announcement on the band’s official website. He was 77.

Meisner started his musical career as the vocalist and bassist for Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band. He eventually became the founding bassist for the country-rock group Poco in the 1960s before establishing the Eagles in 1971 with Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Bernie Leadon.

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Meisner is recognized for his contributions to several Eagles albums, including “Eagles,” “Desperado,” “On The Border,” “One of These Nights,” and “Hotel California,” featuring “Try and Love Again” and “Take it to the Limit.”

Here are the top 5 songs from the career of Randy Meisner.

“Is It True?” – Eagles (From: ‘On the Border’ – 1974)

Meisner’s vocals stand out in this song amid a contrast of light and dark tones, enhanced by Glenn Frey’s scorching slide guitar. It was the B-side to the Top 40 hit “Already Gone.”

“Daughter of the Sky” – Randy Meisner (From: ‘Randy Meisner’ – 1978)

A touching song that displays Meisner’s mild and reserved demeanor similar to his early Eagles days. Despite his talent, he chose to work as a sideman for musicians such as Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor, and others.

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“Saturday Night” – Eagles (From: ‘Desperado’ – 1973)

Don Henley’s soulful vocals are accompanied by Glenn Frey and Bernie Leadon’s beautiful harmonies throughout the sorrowful bridge of this twilight song, which was co-written by Meisner and Henley.

“Tryin’” – Eagles (From: ‘Eagles’ – 1972)

With its hard-edged rock sound, “Tryin'” closes the band’s debut album on a strong note and offers a preview of the group’s future direction as Meisner’s tenure progressed.

“Take It to the Limit” – Eagles (From: ‘One of These Nights’ – 1975)

This number-one single signaled a turning point for Meisner. He left the band because of the pressure of playing its intensely emotional high notes every night.