James Bond star Daniel Craig showed off some groovy dance moves in a vodka advert directed by Academy Award-winning director Taika Waititi, and the internet can’t seem to get over it.

In the advert, the 54-year-old British actor is seen dancing to an original track by Rita Ora and rapper Giggs. He is seen wearing a black leather jacket in the first part, while in the second part he strips it off to appear in a back vest. 

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Watch the advert here. 

As is seen in the video, Taika Waititi also stars in it as himself and the plot is the advert itself. As Craig enters the lobby of the Cheval Blac Paris hotel while showing off his dance moves and reaches the mini fridge to enjoy a bottle of Belvedere vodka, he sighs saying “Finally”. However, his desire to enjoy the bottle is cut short by Waititi as he literally shouts “And cut”.

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However, what has caught the attention of social media users is the dance moves by Craig. As an actor, Craig is used to playing serious and somber roles and his flamboyance and youthfulness in the advert have taken social media by storm. 

Craig’s moves have been choreographed by JaQuel Knight, known for collaborating with Beyonce in several of her music videos. He had said earlier that Craig’s performance was intended to exude a “warmly rebellious energy” and look “courageous in spirit”. The internet’s reaction tells us that Knight has succeeded big time with the Craig’s performance.

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The advert debuted in Times Square on November 9 and will also showcase at the Piccadilly Circus on November 21.