Social media influencer Kai Cenat was taken into custody on Friday after a giveaway in a park in New York City descended into chaos, according to the authorities.

Kai Cenat, a video game live-streamer, was removed from the area for his safety, according to New York City Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, after thousands, largely young people, arrived at Manhattan’s Union Square on Friday afternoon.

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No charges have been brought against Cenat. Maddrey reported that the department’s legal staff was discussing potential charges, such as inciting a riot, with police officers.

Authorities filled up a city bus with arrestees, according to Maddrey. He said he was unaware of how many people were in custody. They were taken into custody as a result of people acting violently against law enforcement and the general public, including throwing bottles, rocks, and paint cans that were seized from a construction site at the park, Maddrey said. The number of injured officers wasn’t immediately known.

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The 3:30 p.m. meet-up was organized by Cenat, who has more than 20 million followers on the network, and he planned to give away PlayStation 5s, PCs, mics, and other gaming gear. The city had not given prior approval for the gathering, and Cenat had not disclosed the site until moments before chaos broke out.

“[The] NYPD became aware at about 1:30 p.m of a crowd forming in Union Square. It was quickly determined that an influencer was posting on social media about showing up to Union Square. He was encouraging all of his followers to come to the park,” Chief of Department Jeff Maddrey said at a press conference.

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“The crowd was swarmed when the influencer finally arrived at the park. Individuals in the park began to commit acts of violence towards the police and the public,” he added.