Hilary Duff, the renowned actress and singer, recently revealed that she often adheres to Gwyneth Paltrow’s widely criticized health plan, which has been labeled a “starvation diet.” During an episode of Molly Sims’ Lipstick on the Rim podcast, Duff, aged 35, confessed that she occasionally attempts to curb her hunger by simply drinking coffee in the morning, despite the backlash Paltrow faced for advocating this approach.

While acknowledging the controversy surrounding Paltrow’s diet, Duff shared her personal preference for “cauliflower rounds,” describing them as “super clean” and expressing her fondness for air frying them to achieve a crispy texture. Additionally, she mentioned that she enjoys topping the rounds with egg salad, fried eggs, avocado, or vegan sausage.

Duff emphasized that her dietary choices are not limited to these restrictive meals. She also incorporates overnight oats into her routine and ensures she consumes an adequate amount of calories when preparing meals for her children.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s daily wellness routine has drawn significant criticism from fans, fellow celebrities, and medical professionals alike. Her regimen involves starting the day with coffee, followed by bone broth for lunch, an hour of exercise, and a dinner rich in vegetables. Paltrow also practices intermittent fasting, abstaining from food until around noon.

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Paltrow’s disclosure of her routine earlier this year caused a stir, with many expressing concern over what they perceived as a “starvation diet.” Social media users were quick to condemn her for publicly promoting unhealthy eating habits. Some questioned the purpose of her detoxification practices if she consumed such limited amounts of food. Others labeled her as an advocate for disordered eating behaviors.

Despite the backlash, Paltrow remained resolute in her commitment to her chosen lifestyle. She explained that her diet aimed to address the effects of “long COVID” and high inflammation levels she experienced. Paltrow clarified that her eating plan includes a variety of cooked vegetables, protein from different sources, and healthy carbohydrates to combat inflammation. However, she emphasized that her candid discussion about her diet was not intended as advice for others.

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Hilary Duff’s admission to following Gwyneth Paltrow’s controversial health plan adds another perspective to the ongoing debate surrounding extreme diets and their potential repercussions. While some individuals may find success with such regimens, it is crucial to approach them with caution and consider individual needs and professional guidance. This discussion serves as a reminder that dietary choices should prioritize overall health and well-being, rather than blindly following trends set by celebrities.