Following his passing on Sunday, heartbroken fans flocked to Smash Mouth vocalist Steve Harwell’s farewell post to express their condolences.

Harwell passed away from liver failure at his Boise, Idaho, residence. He wasn’t even 56.

Two years after he had stopped performing with the band, he passed away.

Before his band management announced his passing, he was receiving hospice care.

Fans thanked him for his work on social media as popular songs like All Star continue to have an impact on culture.

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On X, formally known as Twitter, Harwell claimed that the band was still getting millions of streams on Spotify in his tragic final post.

Fans are revisiting the California rock band’s discography and sharing memories in the comments section underneath the post.

“Good luck to you, mate. One supporter remarked, “You were the ultimate All Star.”

Others complimented him for the happiness his music had brought and expressed their sense of loss at his passing.

“Thank you for everything, Steve. Your songs brightened up my darkest days,” another heartbroken fan said.

Harwell died peacefully surrounded by family and friends, the band’s manager Robert Hayes told Rolling Stone.

“Steve’s legacy will live on through the music,” Hayes said.

Smash Mouth topped the charts with two #1 hit singles and sold more than 10 million records worldwide with Harwell in the forefront.

They appeared in numerous films and television programmes, including a landmark scene in Shrek that exposed the group to a younger audience.

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According to Smash Mouth’s manager, Steve has one of his generation’s most recognisable voices.

“He enjoyed performing and adored the crowd. The real American Original was Steve Harwell.”

Harwell passed away just a few years after appearing confused during a live performance in Syracuse, New York, in 2021.

After the performance, the singer announced his retirement.

His choice to resign was impacted by ongoing health concerns because he had Wernicke encephalopathy and cardiomyopathy, both of which can impair motor functions.