Dame Edna Everage star Barry Humphries, an Australian comedian, died aged 89. He passed away on Saturday in a hospital surrounded by his family, including his fourth wife Elizabeth Spender.

Earlier this week, the comedian was admitted to a Sydney hospital. As a result of a recent hip replacement surgery, Humphries had “serious health problems.” A spokesperson for St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney confirmed the news of Humphries’ death.

A statement from his family reads: ​“He was completely himself until the very end, never losing his brilliant mind, his unique wit and generosity of spirit. With over ​70 years on the stage, he was an entertainer to his core, touring up until the last year of his life and planning more shows that will sadly never be. His audiences were precious to him, and he never took them for granted. Although he may be best remembered for his work in theatre, he was a painter, author, poet, and a collector and lover of ​a​​​​rt in all its forms.​ He was also a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather, and a friend and confidant to many. His passing leaves a void in so many lives. The characters he created, which brought laughter to millions, will live on.”

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He was married four times.

Brenda Wright

When he was just 21, Humphries married Brenda Wright in 1955. The couple divorced a couple of years later.

Rosalind Tong

His second wife was Rosalind Tong, who was a dancer. He moved to England in 1959. They shared two daughters, Emily, a painter, and Tessa, an actress. They ended their relationship in 1970.

Diane Millstead

After that, Humpries fell in love with painter Diane Millstead. They got married in 1979. He shared two children with Diane, sons Oscar, 41, and Rupert. While the former is a fine art dealer and journalist, the latter has made a name for himself working in video games and co-writing the super hit video game Grand Theft Auto, which has gained a cult following globally.

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The couple divorced ten years later in 1989.

Elizabeth Spender

Just a year later, he married his fourth wife Lizzie Spender, who is the daughter of poet Sir Stephen Spender. She is an actress who appeared in Terry Gilliam’s 1985 cult film, Brazil. They had been married for forty years and lived in West Hampstead before the comedian’s death.

Spender, 73, was once described by Humphries as “Nigella Lawson with blonde hair”.

Explaining the success of his fourth marriage, the comedian famously said, “I’m a bit smarter now. The truth is I’m not a very easy person to be married to.”

Speaking with Daily Mail in 2018, Barry said he thought of himself as a good husband, adding: “I have been very lucky with my marriage”. When he was questioned about what went wrong with his first three marriages, he responded: “Because I didn’t know what to do. I was very clever in some areas and very stupid in others. Most people would agree that I was not ready for marriage or early parenthood. But I’ve come round to it. I’ve survived in health and career. I’ve lived a very happy life. I’ve got two little grand-twins now, too.”