Renowned Blaxploitation film star Richard Roundtree died on Tuesday afternoon after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. He died at the age of 81. He was best remembered for playing detective John Shaft in Gordon Parks’ 1971 action thriller.

Richard Roundtree’s two marriages produced five children. He wed Mary Jane Grant for the first time on November 27, 1963. The two fortunate offspring of Roundtree and Grant were John James and Kelli. But their marriage ended in divorce in December 1973. Following their breakup, he began dating actress and TV personality Cathy Lee Crosby.

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Later, in September 1980, Roundtree married Karen M. Ciernia after falling in love again. Their union produced three children: Trevor, Richard Jr., and Tayler. Unfortunately, Roundtree and Ciernia’s marriage came to an end with their divorce in 1998.

John James Roundtree-

The eldest child of Richard Roundtree and Mary Jane Grant, John James Roundtree is a talented actor most recognized for his parts in the movies “The Temptations” (1998) and “Roots” (1977).

Kelli Roundtree-

The gifted singer and actress Kelli Roundtree is the daughter of Richard Roundtree and Mary Jane Grant. She gained recognition for her performance in the Broadway musical “Dreamgirls” (1981).

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Morgan Roundtree-

The son of Richard Roundtree and Karen M. Ciernia, Morgan Roundtree, has established himself as a successful producer and director.

Tayler Roundtree-

The daughter of Richard Roundtree and Karen M. Ciernia, Tayler Roundtree, is a successful cinematographer.

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Every kid of Richard Roundtree has chosen a career route in the entertainment business, showing their individual gifts and accomplishments. They serve as evidence of their father’s lasting influence.

In addition to being a gifted actor, Richard Roundtree was a devoted grandfather and father. He was a regular at his kids’ activities, always encouraging them in anything they did. He was also a source of inspiration, especially for young black males looking for direction and positive role models.