Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, who shot to fame after the success of the teen drama movie My Fault, was arrested at the Venice Film Festival for alleged sexual assault.

Guevara had an active international warrant out on him in France. The arrest by Venice police was reported by Venice daily La Nuova. Before the extradition proceeding can begin, the court of appeals will rule on his case.

On Saturday, Guevara was in Venice to receive a Best Young Actor award at Filming Italy. A day before he was due to be honored, the actor was arrested.

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There were rumors that Guevara and on-screen love interest in the movie My Fault, Nicole Wallace, were dating in real life. While Guevara has not publicly revealed his girlfriend, his close bond with Wallace has fueled rumors that the two may be more than just friends. Both actors have remained tight-lipped and have not confirmed or denied the dating rumors.

Who is Agostina Goñi?

Guevara was once rumored to be in a relationship with Agostina Goñi, a 21-year-old Argentinian studying to be a journalist. During an outing in Madrid, Guevara and Goñi were seen displaying affectionate moments. They were seen kissing in a café and seemed to enjoy being with each other. 

Goñi is also a successful influencer and community manager with a significant following on social media. She has 54,300 followers on social media where she shared an array of content including photos from her photo shoots.

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However, they are no longer dating. After reports of their breakup, it was reported that Goñi was dating professional singer Keo. 

Recently, Guevera spoke about getting out of a bad relationship and focusing on his career. It was speculated by fans that the bad relationship he was talking about was with Goñi, even though he never confirmed the name in public.