Tori Kelly was admitted to the hospital Sunday night and is allegedly in a “really serious” condition.
Blood clots were discovered in the singer-songwriter’s lungs and legs, according to TMZ on Monday.
According to reports, hospitals are still trying to figure out if there are clots around her heart at this time. Kelly is married to André Murillo, a professional basketball player.

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Who is André Murillo?

André Murillo, who is currently 33 years old, was born on May 18, 1990. He and Tori got married 5 years ago and have since kept fans in awe with their heartwarming love story.

A professional basketball player, Murillo began his career with the Hamburg Towers of the German Pro A Basketball League. Later, Murillo relocated to Rostock, where he joined the Rostock Seawolves as a power forward. Murillo has won numerous accolades for his outstanding play, including the NAIA All-American Honourable Mention.

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Following an injury that prevented him from playing basketball, Murillo declared his retirement from basketball in 2019. Murillo has carried on living a fulfilling life with his wife and family since retiring.

He frequently mentioned having a girlfriend before making things official and public with Kelly, but he kept her identity a mystery. Murillo proposed to her in 2017, one year after they started dating. Their wedding ceremony took place in 2018.

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According to reports, André values family a lot. He frequently updates fans on his family life on social media. The basketball star adores his wife and is never reluctant to show her all the affection he has for her. Along with Tori, André also appears to be fond of his sister Michelle Murillo, as well as his nieces and nephews. The basketball player’s Instagram is covered in images of his nieces and nephews.

When asked about her husband’s support in a 2019 interview, Tori said, “The last tour, he was able to come out for that. It was just awesome. He just loves to help. He’s so hands-on. Wherever he is needed he will be there. It’s just really awesome to have him.”