TikToker Ashley Leechin, who is famous for being a lookalike of Taylor Swift, was escorted out of a shop in Los Angeles after being mistaken for the singer by fans.

Who is Ashley Leechin?

Ashley Leechin goes by @noitsashley13 on TikTok. She boasts over 780,000 followers on the platform and most of her content related to Swift. She is married and has two kids.

Last year, one of Leechin’s TikToks went viral in which a Taylor Swift fan fawned over her, thinking she was the singer. One of Leechin’s friends had to intervene and clarify to the fan that she wasn’t actually Taylor Swift. “No, it’s just Ashley,” one said.

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Many users on TikTok have taken issue with her in the past because of Leechin’s habit of dressing up like Swift and going to crowdy places only to pretend to freak out when people mistake her for the singer. “What really gets on my nerves is the whole going out in full Taylor Swift hair and makeup and then being annoyed that people are looking at her or mistaking her for Taylor,” said @itsjustashley13.

In a TikTok video Leechin has expressed how hard it was to constantly be mistaken for the songstress. “How do you not lose yourself when everyone is constantly comparing you to a celebrity,” she wrote in the video.

However, it did not keep Leechin from trying to make a profit out of the fact that she looked like the ‘Lover’ singer. She has started selling a “it’s just Ashley” line of merchandize line.

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What’s more, the real Taylor Swift and her mom, Andrea Swift, have also reacted to Leechin in the past. After she made a video of herself reacting to the singer’s unveiling of a song title off her Midnights album, Taylor wrote in the comments, “My mom just saw this and said ‘she looks like you.'”

In a following video, the content creator could be seen jumping on a bed in excitement. “I’m legitimately crying and shaking right now,” Ashley says through tears of joy. “I love you!” She added in the caption, “You have left me speechless.”