Bob Odenkirk is an Emmy-winning actor, comedian, writer, director and producer. Known popularly for playing the corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman on the crime-drama series ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Breaking Bad’, Bob Odenkirk has been nominated four times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. The way he imbued his character in ‘Breaking Bad’ with raw and indefinable quality made viewers want to see him more. Taking the cue from the reactions, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould delivered the prequel series ‘Better Call Saul’. 

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Before ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Breaking Bad’, it was the co-creation of HBO sketch Comedy series, ‘Mr Show with Bob and David with David Cross’, that made him rise to prominence. The actor even won Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series in 1989 and 1993 for writing Saturday Night Live and The Ben Stiller Show.

Odenkirk recently starred in the action film ‘Nobody’, which went on to do really well at the box office. In an interview with Variety, he opened up about being a full-fledged action star and said, “I was at the wonderful 87eleven gym, surrounded by the top stunt actors in the world training, including people like Keanu Reeves and Jason Statham and Halle Berry,”

 “I’m a comedy writer, who is gradually sufferingly making my way into this discipline. I was just feeling embarrassed at how bad I was when these pros are 25 feet away,” he added. 

Bob Odenkirk was hospitalised on Tuesday after collapsing on the New Mexico sets of ‘Better Call Saul’. While he is under observation, the reason behind the collapse is unclear. The 58-year-old was shooting for the sixth and final season of the show that is mostly shot in Albuquerque.