Tyler Christopher, known for his roles on soap operas, has passed away. His ex-wives include Eva Longoria and Brienne Pedigo.

Christopher, well known for his role on General Hospital, died at the age of 50, according to his former co-star Maurice Benard. In his daytime television career, he had five Daytime Emmy nominations and one win. Christopher’s personal life included two prominent marriages aside from his professional life.

His first marriage was to the well-known actress Eva Longoria, which lasted from 2002 to 2004. Because of the high-profile nature of both individuals, this union received a lot of attention. Following his divorce with Eva Longoria, Tyler Christopher went on to marry Brienne Pedigo.

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Who is Brienne Pedigo?

Brienne Pedigo, Tyler Christopher’s ex-wife, is an American auto racing pit reporter. She previously worked for ESPN and ESPN on ABC, covering the Indy Racing League, and is now a pit reporter for the Motor Racing Network. Brienne Pedigo’s career has covered numerous racing events, and her time as a pit reporter has been a significant component of her professional journey.

Brienne Pedigo got engaged to Tyler Christopher in October 2006, and the couple married on September 27, 2008. Greysun James Christopher, their first child, was born on October 3, 2009. However, their marriage faced difficulties, prompting Pedigo to file for divorce in February 2019.

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While Tyler Christopher had a successful career in the entertainment industry, Brienne Pedigo made her mark in the world of sports reporting. The couple’s relationship garnered attention during their time together, and their subsequent divorce became a part of their personal history. Tyler Christopher’s passing is a somber moment for his fans and those who admired his work in the soap opera world.