Dame Emma Thompson has recently revealed that her public breakup with then-cheating-husband Sir Kenneth Branagh is what inspired her acting in the film Love Actually.
In one scene, she finds out about her husband cheating on her, and Thompson revealed that her real life experience of this is what allowed her to harness all that pain and anger into the scene. 

She then went on to meet her current husband, Greg Wise, in 1995 while filming for Sense and Sensibility. 

The two have been married for 20 years, and Thompson says it was Wise who “picked up the pieces and put them back together” when referring to her first marriage, as reported by The Daily Mail.

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Who is Greg Wise?

Greg Wise is a British actor and producer who has been in the limelight for his successful career in the entertainment industry. However, he is perhaps best known for being the husband of the talented and award-winning actress, Emma Thompson.

Emma Thompson and Greg Wise (Photo: Twitter/@lenathomally)

Wise was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, in 1966. He attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow and began his acting career on stage. He later transitioned to television and film, making his debut in the 1995 movie “Sense and Sensibility,” which was directed by Ang Lee and starred Emma Thompson.

In the film, Wise played the charming and romantic character of John Willoughby, who falls in love with Thompson’s character, Elinor Dashwood. Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, and it wasn’t long before their romance spilled over into real life.

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Wise and Thompson began dating during the filming of “Sense and Sensibility,” and they tied the knot in 2003. The couple has been together for nearly two decades and has two children, a daughter named Gaia and a son named Tindyebwa. 

They adopted their son in 2003 when he was 16 years old, working as a child soldier in Rwanda.

Apart from his acting career, Wise has also produced several films, including “Black Sea” and “The Father,” which was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Wise has also been involved in humanitarian work, serving as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He has used his celebrity status to bring attention to the plight of refugees and has been a vocal advocate for their rights.

In recent years, Wise has made headlines for his support of his wife’s campaign against the abuse of power and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. In 2018, Thompson and Wise wrote an open letter to the British film industry, calling for an end to sexual harassment and inequality in the workplace.

Wise’s humanitarian work has also been a significant part of his career, and he has used his platform to advocate for the rights of refugees and marginalized communities. His activism and advocacy have been widely recognized, and he has received several awards for his efforts.