Jesse Lopez received a whooping $100,000 from pop star Sia after finishing in the Pineapple zone as a contestant in the American reality TV show Survivor43. Along with Lopez, Ryan Medrano and Owen Knight also received $50,000 each.

The pop star has been doing giveaways regularly on Survivor43 since 2016. The show is reportedly her favorite and she likes to come on and surprise the contestants on the set. 

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Who is Jesse Lopez?

Jesse Lopez is a 30-year-old castaway in Survivor43. He was born in Venice, California in 1992. Currently, Lopez resides in Durham, North Carolina. He is doing a Ph.D. in Political Science at Duke University, in Durham. Before joining Duke, he was at University of California, Berkeley. 

To undertake program evaluations and usability assessments, Lopez leads and participates in initiatives at Duke that make use of surveys, focus groups, qualitative interviews, third-party data, and experimental designs.

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He is skilled in data gathering and analysis utilizing various statistical software and techniques, protocol building, and research design.

Jesse and Cody Assenmacher entered the merge as strong swing votes, quickly seizing control of the Vesi tribe alongside Cody. They orchestrated multiple blindsides, including those of former tribemates Dwight Moore and Noelle Lambert.

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Cody was blindsided by Jesse, who then became concerned that he would be perceived as Cody’s follower. This put a huge target on Cody’s back. As a result, Jesse was chosen to participate in the fire-making competition, where he lost to Mike Gabler and took fourth place.

Lopez describes himself as a husband and dad on his Twitter bio.