A 25-year-old Nevada rapper was arrested on murder charges he allegedly implicated himself in the crime in a music video where he shared details that only a killer could have known, police said.

Who is Kenjuan McDaniel?

Kenjuan McDaniel was arrested by the police on August 29. According to the police, lyrics of one of his recently posted music videos included details about a 2021 murder that he had no way of knowing as they had not been publicly released, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said.

“I be the reason why he’s dead, we still taunt him when he die, not the reason he’s dead, so celebrate the reason why his momma cry,” the lyrics of McDaniel’s song Fadee Free read. The police said that these words implicated the rapper, according to a warrant obtained by KVUU.

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“Parked the car, double back on feet, the smartest way to slide, drove in, double lock yo man, make sure you get yo bod’,” was another lyric linked to the murder in the same song. It allegedly talked about a man being gunned down in his apartment after an apparent argument.

The video of the song depicted McDaniel and his cohorts’ faces transforming into demonic skeletal visages. The rapper also allegedly acted out movements in the video that police said were “consistent with evidence at the scene.”

“The facts gathered during the investigation were obtained separately from the music video,” police said. “The music video further validated the results of the investigation.”

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In mid-July McDaniel’s video was first uploaded to YouTube. It was discovered by a detective shortly thereafter.

“Detectives noted the music video bore a sufficient level of similarity to the details of the murder,” the warrant read. “This includes the fact, that Kenjuan confessed to the murder in his lyrics. Details provided by Kenjuan in his music video were not released to the public and would not be common knowledge.” 

McDaniels appeared in court on Thursday.