Meet “Meatball,” a Philadelphia Instagram influencer known for her livestreamed coverage of a looting rampage before her apparent arrest.

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In the wake of a shocking looting spree that unfolded in Philadelphia’s city center, one name has come to the forefront – “Meatball.” But who is this social media influencer who livestreamed the chaotic events and appeared to be arrested in the process?

Who is Meatball, the Philadelphia Instagram Influencer?

Meatball, whose real name is Dayjia Blackwell, boasts a substantial following on Instagram and TikTok, with nearly 650,000 followers. On the night in question, she took to her social media platforms to document a troubling sequence of events as looters ravaged several businesses, including an Apple store, Foot Locker, Lululemon, and a liquor store.

What stood out in her videos was not just the documentation of the looting but her apparent enthusiasm and encouragement of the marauders. Blackwell was seen laughing, clapping, and shouting phrases like “Let’s go!” as she filmed suspected looters.

In one striking statement captured on video, she declared, “This is what happens when we don’t get justice in this city,” seemingly alluding to underlying tensions or grievances.

Her livestream showcased looters breaking into the Apple store, emerging with stolen iPhones and tablets. Blackwell even cheered on people showing off their stolen electronics.

However, the night took a turn when police arrived on the scene. In her videos, Blackwell could be heard yelling, “Don’t touch them! Record this!” as she witnessed police apprehending individuals outside a looted store.

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The livestream later revealed scenes of looters ransacking a liquor store, with Blackwell briefly seen holding a bottle filled with a brown liquid.

While her livestream documented these events, social media users shared videos of Blackwell’s apparent detainment by police officers. In one video, she is seen being led away in handcuffs.

As of now, it remains unclear whether Dayjia Blackwell, known as “Meatball,” has faced formal arrest or charges in connection with the events. The Philadelphia Police Department has not yet responded to requests for confirmation, and Meatball herself has not responded to messages sent through her social media.

The incident in Philadelphia, involving a group of approximately 100 people engaged in looting, has raised questions about the role of influencers in documenting and sometimes encouraging unlawful activities, leaving authorities and the public to grapple with the implications of social media’s influence on real-world events.