The year was 1981,
Kiki Camerana, a United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) official, was
transferred to Guadalajara. Four years later, the cop, who did not mind ruffling
feathers, Camerana fights his battles while attempting to take down Mexico’s
first organised drug cartel. Tragedy strikes when Kiki is kidnapped by members
of the cartel and killed.

On Friday, Rafael
Caro Quintaro
, the man who ran Mexico’s first drug cartel and then went on to
kill Kiki Camerana was arrested by Mexican law enforcement officials. Caro
Quintaro was released from prison in 2013 after spending 28 years in jail. Few
years down the line, he had returned to the profession and was subsequently arrested.

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In the Netfix
half-documentary, half-feature film, the character of Kiki Camerana is played
by Michael Pena.

Who is Michael

Michael Pena, 46, has
been working in Hollywood for years now. He has acted in ‘World Trade Centre’ (2006),
‘Tower Heist’ (2011) and ‘Ant Man’ (2015). However, one of his most iconic
performances till date has been the character of Kiki Camerana in Narcos.

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Born in Chicago,
Illinois, Pena is the son of a social worker – Nikolasa – and Eleuterio Pena, a
factory worker. Originally farmers in Mexico, Pena’s parents moved to the United
States when he was young. Pena grew up in North Lawndale area and attend Marist
Hugh School where he participated and was a state qualifier in wrestling and track.

Pena was running production
house to production house since 1994. In 2004, he scored ‘Million Dollar Baby’,
a Clint Eastwood film. The same year, Pena also worked in ‘Crash’. Pena
received immense appreciation for his emotional performance in ‘Crash’.

Later, Michael
Pena went on to work in ‘Narcos’, in the fourth season of the web-series.