Sasha Palma, a model, has sued Kylie Jenner‘s cosmetic products company, TMZ reported. She says the American socialite did not pay her for photo shoots.

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Who is Sasha Palma?

Sasha Palma is a model based in Los Angeles. According to DT Model Management, which is associated with Sasha, the model is 5’10 with brown eyes and dark brown hair. She has sued Kylie Jenner’s company Kylie Cosmetics. Sasha claims that she was hired for a couple of photo shoots for Kylie’s cosmetic products.

The documents state that Sasha was initially employed in June 2020 for a one-day shoot at a daily fee of $2,000. She claims that Kylie’s company missed the deadline by more than 30 days and that she was due to payment by the beginning of July.

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Sasha asserts that Kylie’s business could have paid her on time but chose not to, and as a result, they now owe her penalties totaling $60,000.

Sasha claims in the lawsuit that the same thing occurred when she was hired for a second one-day photo shoot in August 2020; she contends that because she received her $2,000 cheque more than 30 days after the deadline, she is entitled to an additional $60,000.

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According to the model’s invoice for both shoots, the model was paid before the NET 45 days, a representative for Kylie’s brand informs TMZ. The representative also states that there is supporting evidence available.

According to a source close to Kylie, the model’s agent may have withheld money from her, which wouldn’t be Kylie’s fault. The insider also claims that the same model later requested a letter of recommendation from the business, something Kylie’s brand declined to do.