In a nine-year battle, Sydney Ireland, 21, fought to make Boy Scouts co-ed, paving the way for over 400,000 girls. Her story will now be adapted into a feature film.

Who is Sydney Ireland?

Sydney Ireland (x/@amandavos7)

Sydney Ireland, a trailblazer who spent nearly a decade advocating for young girls to join Boy Scouts, has successfully transformed the program into a co-ed club. Her remarkable story, encompassing a nine-year battle, is set to be adapted into a feature film. Sydney’s tireless efforts opened doors for more than 400,000 girls to join the traditionally male-dominated group.

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The New York-based activist began her journey at 11 years old when she unofficially earned the highest award in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light. Realizing her efforts were unrecognized due to her gender, Sydney embarked on a mission to ensure equal opportunities for young girls in scouting. Her goal was to make the highest Boy Scouts rank, Eagle, accessible to everyone.

Facing backlash and criticism, Sydney, with the support of her family, initiated resolutions, spoke at various events, and started a petition. Despite challenges and personal adversity, including her mother’s battle with ovarian cancer, Sydney remained steadfast in her mission. In 2017, the Boy Scouts announced they would accept girls, officially implemented two years later.

Sydney’s perseverance earned her the Eagle Scout rank at 19. Now, her story will be depicted in a feature film titled “Sydney Ireland — Eagle Scout.” She hopes the movie will inspire the next generation of advocates for positive change. Reflecting on her journey, Sydney emphasizes the importance of young people actively engaging in creating positive transformations in their communities.

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With her hard work paying off and the recognition of girls in scouting secured, Sydney’s story stands as a testament to the impact one person can make in challenging traditional norms.