Shedre Woodward is one of 10 singles on the popular Netflix dating reality show ‘Too Hot to Handle. The show begins with all the charming contestants mingling and partying in a fancy yacht in the Caribbean, only to realize that they are on one of the top-listed Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle. Following the set of rules could win them a massive prize of $200,000.

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Who is Shedre Woodward?

Shedre Woodward, aka Dre Woodward, is a fresh graduate who was born on June 26, 2000. He recently celebrated his 23rd birthday and also posted a picture, saying: “It’s my Jordan year” – the famous basketball star Michael B Jordan’s jersey no is 23.

Dre is also known as “Detective Dre,” who plans to watch out for the rule breakers on the show. The narrator Desiree congratulated him on the show, saying: “You’re following the footsteps of some truly honorable cone cops,” in reference to other seasons.

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Dre is an actor, model, and entrepreneur, who loves traveling. He recently graduated with a BA in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in radio, TV, and Film from Clark Atlanta University, Georgia. Recently, Dre said in his Too Hot To Handle reel: “I went from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.”

Dre Shedre Instagram

Dre was not a popular figure on Instagram before he was featured on the famous reality dating show. However, his fan following started increasing once he appeared on the show.

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Does Shedre Woodward have a girlfriend?

Dre’s past love life is yet to be discovered. Till episode 4, Dre has been a good friend to all, but a perfect match to none.

Will he be able to find his match in the coming episodes? Watch ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 5 on Netflix to find out.