Dex Carvey, the 32-year-old son of Wayne’s World star Dana Carvey had died. The US comedian and actor announced the tragic news of Dex’s death from an accidental drug overdose in a heartfelt statement on Instagram.

Who is Dex?

Dex Carvey was not only the beloved son of Dana Carvey but also a multifaceted individual with a passion for various arts. In a joint statement with his wife Paula Zwagerman, Dana Carvey shared that Dex was extremely talented in music, art, filmmaking, and comedy. The father-son duo had collaborated on several TV series, and Dex’s diverse skills were evident in his pursuits.

Describing Dex as someone who “packed a lot into those 32 years,” Dana Carvey emphasized his son’s zest for life. Dex was known for his love of life, making every moment enjoyable for those around him. Carvey expressed that being with Dex meant experiencing the joy of living, and his son had a profound impact on everyone he encountered.

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As fans and well-wishers expressed their condolences on social media, Dana Carvey shared a touching picture of himself and Dex working together. The outpouring of support highlighted the impact Dex had on those who knew him. Carvey described Dex as a beautiful person, emphasizing his love for family, friends, and his girlfriend, Kaylee.

In a poignant message, Dana Carvey addressed anyone dealing with addiction, urging them to seek help. He emphasized that those struggling and their loved ones are in their hearts and prayers. The tragic loss of Dex Carvey serves as a reminder of the challenges associated with addiction and the importance of compassion and support for individuals facing such struggles.

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Dex Carvey’s collaboration with his father extended to various TV shows, including The Funster and Beyond the Comics. He also played a role in opening Carvey’s TV comedy special titled Straight White Male, 60, in 2016. The father-son duo’s creative partnership added another layer to Dana Carvey’s illustrious career in the entertainment industry.