Detroit mourns the loss of radio legend Ken Calvert at 72. As fans grapple with grief, details regarding his cause of death and life emerge.

Cause of Death

Ken Calvert (x/@MikeJBouchard)

Ken Calvert’s sudden passing, attributed to a short-term illness, has left the Detroit community in shock. The exact nature of the illness leading to his demise remains undisclosed, adding an air of mystery to his unexpected departure.

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At the age of 72, Calvert’s prolific 45-year career in Detroit radio came to an abrupt end. Despite the suddenness, his impact on local radio, spanning six major stations, ensures his enduring legacy within the city’s broadcasting history.


Ann Calvert, Ken’s wife of 40 years, revealed the heartbreaking news of his passing. Their relationship, which began during their teenage years when he attended Brother Rice High School and she was at Marian High School, blossomed into a 40-year partnership. Ann’s words reflect a deep sense of loss as she spoke of her husband’s dream-chasing journey in radio.


Born and raised in Detroit, Calvert’s roots ran deep within the city he loved. His career trajectory, from local deejay to iconic radio personality, mirrored the pulse of Detroit’s music scene. The Motor City not only shaped his career but also served as the backdrop for his enduring connection with fans.

Radio Career and Achievements

Calvert’s journey in Detroit radio commenced in 1973 at WWWW-FM, eventually leading him to WABX-FM and various major stations. His distinctive persona, K.C., the Casual One, brought humor, charm, and engaging interviews to the airwaves. From introducing Bob Seger to Bruce Springsteen to his role as the Detroit Pistons’ public address announcer during the Bad Boys era, Calvert’s contributions are etched in the city’s cultural fabric.

Retiring from WCSX-FM in 2013 did not mark the end of Calvert’s influence. His podcast, The Ken Calvert Show, allowed him to share rock anecdotes and radio highlights, cementing his status as a revered figure in Detroit’s media landscape.

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As fans reflect on his legacy, the cause of Ken Calvert’s untimely death remains a poignant question, underscoring the void left by this iconic voice in Detroit radio.