Laura Lynch, one of the founding members of The Dixie Chicks, has passed away following a car crash, according to information obtained by TMZ.

Mick Lynch, Laura’s cousin, shared that the musician lost her life on a Friday just after sunset while driving from El Paso, TX, to nearby Dell City—an approximately hour-and-a-half journey to the east. The incident occurred on a highway, resulting in a collision.

Who was Laura Lynch?

Lynch played a pivotal role in establishing the renowned music group, later rebranded simply as The Chicks, alongside Robin Lynn Macy, Martie Erwin, and Emily Erwin in 1989. Initially serving as the upright bassist, she eventually assumed the position of lead vocalist for the band.

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During the early years, The Chicks, with their bluegrass/traditional country sound, were primarily a local Texas act touring the region and neighboring states. Their debut album, “Thank Heavens for Dale Evans,” in 1990, and the subsequent “Little Ol’ Cowgirl” in 1992 did not yield chart-topping singles. However, the latter featured a notable song, “Past the Point of Rescue.” Around this time, original member Robin Lynn Macy departed.

In 1993, the trio released another album, “Shouldn’t a Told You That,” which did not achieve significant commercial success. This marked Laura Lynch’s final contribution to the band before she left in 1995, making way for Natalie Maines to take her place.

Laura’s departure from The Chicks was motivated by a desire to shift her focus toward family and personal matters. Despite the different reasons cited for her exit, Lynch expressed no regrets in subsequent interviews and chose to lead a relatively private life. Meanwhile, The Chicks, now with Maines as the lead vocalist, underwent a transformation in sound, achieving mainstream success with the 1998 release of “Wide Open Spaces.”

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Over the years, The Chicks faced controversies, including remarks on George W. Bush and the Iraq War, leading to a change in their band name due to associations with racist southern undertones. Laura Lynch, survived by her husband Mac Tull and daughter, passed away at the age of 65.