Nanny Faye, the beloved grandmother who gained popularity on TikTok, has passed away, as announced by her family. Her grandson shared the somber news on her favorite social media platform, informing her nearly 240,000 followers and the wider audience that she peacefully departed in October, likely due to natural causes.

The cherished senior had been facing health challenges, including a battle with cancer, which her grandson had been documenting on TikTok. A few months prior, he revealed that she had undergone two major surgeries and a minor procedure, expressing optimism about her recovery.

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Despite these efforts, Nanny Faye succumbed to pneumonia in the aftermath of her surgeries. It appears that this respiratory condition was one of the factors contributing to her final days. Nevertheless, her family member emphasized that Nanny Faye faced the prospect of the afterlife without fear, remaining steadfast and ready.

Who was Nanny Faye?

Nanny Faye gained viral fame on TikTok earlier in the year for sharing sage and calm advice to a concerned user grappling with thoughts of death. In her unique way, she conveyed a message of reassurance, suggesting there was nothing to fear. According to her grandson, she maintained this optimistic outlook until the very end of her life.

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Known for her wisdom on topics such as faith, family, and broader philosophical matters, Nanny Faye amassed a devoted following eager to hear her insights regularly. Her grandson mentioned that she had left behind personal writings, intending to share them in the near future, providing a continued reason for followers to engage with her content. Nanny Faye lived a remarkable 98 years.