Indiana Jones is going to make a comeback soon, Currently, there are four ‘Indiana Jones’ films and the fifth part is currently under development. Harrison Ford will return as Jones, which he first played in Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981.

The first sequel to the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ hit the cinemas in 1984 titled Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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It was set in a village in India known as Mayapore, which had been a target of child kidnapping s and theft – specifically the ancient Shankara Stones.

The film was largely shot in Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. Director Steven Spielberg wanted to shoot the film in India itself as the story was set in India but the Indian government wouldn’t allow it to be shot there, finding the material racist and offensive.

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The film was originally banned in India at the time of its release.

Local censors must be horrified by strong content such as human sacrifices and child slavery Misrepresentation of Indian dietary practices being represented as a culture that eats monkey brains, snakes, beetles, and eyeball soup and the Hindu goddess Kali were not looked upon favorably. Kali was presented as a symbol of destruction and evil instead Kali is the goddess of change and empowerment.

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The movie stereotyped almost every character who is having brown skin. The cinematic trope of “The White Savior” also received backlash. The idea of a white messiah character coming out of nowhere to save a nonwhite group from some terrible fortune. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) falls from the sky into this Indian village to find he’s tasked as the only person capable of saving them all.

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“Temple of Doom” is a classic movie, but the Indian government officials had reason to ban it from the country. It leans heavily into stereotypes and harmfully misrepresented the Indian culture.

Indian actor Amrish Puri, who played the cult leader Mola Ram also faced backlashes for being a part of the movie.

Later, Spielberg himself disowned the movie. He said that he wasn’t happy with the second film at all and it was too much of a scare-fest.