Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt debuted her new hairstyle on Instagram recently that had a flurry of fans asking if the actress has gone through plastic surgery.

The ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ star recently took to Instagram to show off her new look by reposting a video originally posted by her hairdresser @thehairdoll. In the short clip, the actress is seen going from having long blonde locks to a short red bob-style haircut, with a few shots of her getting her hair colored. The clip ended with Hewitt looking up at the camera and smiling and pouting with her new hairdo.

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Many commented on her Instagram post exclaiming how different the star looked than her younger days. “Where is Jennifer? That looks nothing like her,” one comment said. Another wrote: “She doesn’t look like herself anymore.” A third asked, “Is this Jennifer Lowe Hewitt?”

People also took to the platform X, formerly known as Twitter to point out how changed Hewitt’s face looked. “Oh dear. We’ve lost another woman to what I call ‘Jennifer Grey Witness Protection Cosmetic Surgery’… Granted, she looks great, but she also looks generic and has lost her character,” one user remarked. Another tweet said: “She went through plastic surgery or something? That can’t be Jennifer Love Hewitt.”

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However, not every fan of Hewitt saw it that way. Many commented that the actress, who is currently 44 years old might simply look different due to her age. One of them argued that the star has not had surgery. “No surgery, Jennifer has been overendowed since her teen movie days,” the user commented.

Another user disagreed with the surgery rumor and suggested that her appearance looked different due to a filter used on the app where she edited her face. “Nah. It’s the filter. I was thinking the same. The first part of this video she looks like herself lol,” the user said.