YouTuber Jack Doherty’s bodyguard got into a physical conflict with someone at a Halloween party in Los Angeles. The video of the incident went viral on the internet.

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In the clip, the bodyguard is seen striking someone in the altercation, which was captured on camera. This event reminded several fans of an earlier fight his bodyguard was involved in while he was employed with DaBaby.

Youtuber Corinna Kopf and her friends were at a Halloween party that was live-streamed when they saw a horrific assault. Popular Kick streamer Jack Doherty’s bodyguard was involved in the confrontation; during it, he hit a man in the face. Since the man is not seen acting provocatively in the video, it is still unclear what led to the altercation. This happened in front of Kopf and the other guests.

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The reason behind the altercation is not explained in the video. There appears to be no indication of provocation from the man who got punched in the video. Kopf snapped to his senses and confronted the guard, asking him pointed questions and demanding to know what was wrong with him.

With the description, “My security just knocked out a guy live on my kick,” Doherty posted the footage to social media and included a link to his website. Afterward, he made an effort to explain his bodyguard’s behavior, saying, “Context: they were pressing us.” 

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Doherty, who had previously announced that he was streaming with Blueface, was also hosting the event. Kopf expressed her disapproval of the incident on social media after seeing the footage, writing, “Sooooo unnecessary, punching someone for this conversation is wild you punched a lawyer btw.”

However, Corinna Kopf has garnered attention on several occasions. She gained notoriety in September after sharing a picture of herself backstage with Drake on his “It’s All a Blur” tour on Instagram.