The White House has released the “previously hidden” statistics of COVID-19 state profiles with the public, the White House COVID-19 Data Director Cyrus Shahpar said on Wednesday, attaching the data on Twitter. 

Shahpar shared the state profile reports (SPR) in a tweet, a report that gives week-by-week analyses of COVID-19 statistics of each state.

Earlier, according to The Hill, the SPRs were only being released to state governors by the Trump administration’s COVID-19 task force. 

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The reports say that the purpose of this report is to develop a “shared understanding of the current status of the pandemic” at all levels, including state, regional, local and national. 

It has the date on COVID-19 cases, percentage of hospitals having a shortage of staff and supply, the most at-risk counties and localities differentiated under color zones, etc. 

However, according to multiple reports, previous reports having details of state-specific recommendations, which were provided to only governors and not the public, have not been released yet. 

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The additional reports would be released as “the format and content may change in the coming reports,” said, adding that it will be presented to the public the same way it was being given to the state governors.