Kevin Maginnis, a Tennessee grandfather is on a 100-day McDonalds-only diet he believes will help him lose weight and improve his cardiovascular health and it’s already working, reported Fox News.

Who is Kevin Maginnis?

Kavin Maginnis is documenting his journey on his TikTok account @bigmaccoaching, with his first video posted on February 21. He is from Nashville. Maginnis reportedly was down 13 pounds, from 238 to 225 pounds, 11 days into his diet.

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Unlike most approaches to fast-food meals, he is adhering to moderation and portion-sizing, he told Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday.

“I was a boxer, I wrestled in school, and you have to cut to make weight, so cutting the calories, cutting the food in half. If I eat three meals a day, if I cut them in half and I seek the heat before I eat, meaning I wait until that heat in your stomach that says you’re hungry,” he said.

Maginnis says everyone calls it hunger but he calls it his incinerator turning on to get rid of all the excess and also burn off some of the fat off his body, and then having his next meal.

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Maginnis’ diet reminds of the 2004 documentary film “Super Size Me,” during which filmmaker Morgan Spurlock ate only McDonald’s for 30 days and recorded the effects, such as large volumes of calories, had on his body and psychological well-being.

Nearly a month after the film’s release, the McDonald’s Corporation its famous “Super Size” meal option.

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According to the Fox News report, during his McDonald’s diet, Spurlock gained around pounds and experienced mood swings.

Maginnis believes his diet will have the opposite effect and the key to each plan is cutting each meal in half, he told Carlson. His diet does not have a meal-time regiment or meal measurements but he just cuts each meal in half and saves the remainder for the next meal.

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Maginnis predicted a 50-pound weight loss by the end of his 100 days, along with better bloodwork and overall health.