Marijuana lovers all across the world observe April 20 as ‘420 Day’. They come together to light up a spliff and also use the occasion to raise voices for the legalisation of the green herb.

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But, why is the day called 420?

There are several versions behind it.

According to one such legend, back in 1971, a group of California students would meet daily at 4.20 pm to smoke pot and catch up. The time later came up to define the act itself, hence, 420.

Some, however, believe that 420 was a code used by police whenever they found someone smoking.

Also, the fact that Americans write April 20 as 4/20 might be a reason behind the nomenclature.

Whatever it is, the day is the official celebration of getting high.

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However, the celebration this year will be toned down due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.