India, which has already brought back around 730 people from Afghanistan, is nearing the end of its evacuation mission that started on August 16 after the Taliban took control of the central Asian country, say reports. With two flights on Monday, already eight flights have brought back people from the trouble-torn country.

The evacuation of Indians involved minute planning and complex diplomatic processes with Indian interlocutors and planners reaching out to top officials in Washington, Doha, Dushanbe, Tashkent, Ankara and Kabul, reports quoting diplomats based in Delhi and Kabul.

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Among the 730 people who have been brought back are members of the Afghan Sikh and Hindu communities. On Monday’s flight,  146 nationals were flown back on four different flights from Qatar’s capital Doha, days after they were evacuated from Afghanistan by NATO and American aircraft in view of the deteriorating security situation in the war-torn country.

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On Sunday, 392 people including two Afghan lawmakers were evacuated in three different flights. The Taliban started their takeover of Afghanistan on August 6 and within 10 days took control of almost the entire country, taking Kabul on August 15. Within two days of the Taliban’s capture of Kabul, India had evacuated 200 people, including its ambassador, embassy staff and other Indian citizens in Kabul.

The first evacuation flight brought back over 40 people, mostly staffers at the Indian embassy, on August 16. The second aircraft evacuated around 150 people including Indian diplomats, officials, security personnel and some stranded Indians from Kabul on August 17.

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Afghanistan plunged into turmoil after the Allied troops announced their decision to exit the country. That Taliban will try to take over the country was known but that they will take it so swiftly came as a surprise. The Taliban was almost unstoppable with most provinces falling without a bullet being fired. 

This dismal show by Afghanistan government forces comes amid reports of the US spending billions of dollars on training and arming them. Many of tese arms and equipment have now fallen in the hands of the Taloban, say reports.