BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal has rubbished media reports suggesting that Virat Kohli is likely to step down from captaincy in the white-ball format after the 2021 T20 World Cup.

Earlier, reports emerged claiming Rohit Sharma could replace Virat Kohli as the captain of the Indian cricket team in the T20 format.

Dhumal refuted the claims, confirming that all such reports are false and that Virat Kohli remains the captain of the Indian squad both in Test cricket and the limited-overs format.

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“This is all rubbish. Nothing (as) such is happening. This is all what you guys (media) are talking about. BCCI has not met or discussed anything on this issue (split captaincy)”. 

“Virat will remain as the captain (of all formats),” Dhumal told IANS.

The news around Kohli’s possible departure from captaincy created significant chatter online, with many among fans and experts speculating if the lack of being able to convert berths in the finals over the last couple of world cups into championship wins could be the reason behind it.

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The 32-year-old averages more than 50 in all formats but has been unsuccessful to deliver an ICC trophy as a captain. 

Kohli has not been able to win an IPL title with Royal Challengers Bangalore, while Rohit Sharma has five IPL titles under his belt with Mumbai Indians.

As a captain for the Indian cricket team, Sharma has scored 15 wins in the 19 matches he played.

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Media reports citing inside sources previously suggested that while Kohli had been successful as a Test captain, Rohit Sharma could be asked to step up for limited-overs cricket.

It was believed that the BBCI top command had been in continuous discussion on the matter but Treasurer Arun Dhumal rejected all such reports.

“No such meeting took place,” he said.