The Hindu festival that celebrates the bond
between brothers and sisters, Bhai Dooj is being celebrated on November 6. It
is known by different names all over India, it is celebrated as ‘Bhai Phonta’ in
Bengal, ‘Bhau Bheej’ in Maharashtra and ‘Bhai Tika’ in Uttar Pradesh.

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Every year this day is marked with brothers
visiting their sisters to get a “tika” on their forehead, have sweets and
exchange gifts. Younger brothers seal the rituals by touching the feet of their
elder sisters while elder brothers bless their younger sisters and exchange
gifts. It is followed by the family having food together.

Here are some gifts ideas for sisters to
give to their brothers:

Haircare Kits

The one thing that all men care about is what
their hair looks like, especially around the age of 30 when some of them start losing
hair. A good haircare kit which consists of serums, shampoos, combs and conditioners
is the perfect gift on Bhai Dooj.

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Sports Memorabilia

Most of the men are obsessed with one sport
or multiple and one can never go wrong with a poster, book, signed memorabilia,
flag, scarf or any other item related to their favourite sports team or player.


A t-shirt is the safest gift option and one
can never go choice with one that has a nice fit and a good colour. It can be a
designer shirt or custom made; the choice is yours but it is certain to add some
colour to your brother’s wardrobe.


Having worked long hours outdoors in a hot
environment and having active sweat glands, men are usually fans of perfumes and
rely on them to do away with body odour.

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Comic books

Be it your younger brother or an elder one,
comic books are something that have been enjoyed by everyone at some point in
their lives. One can never go wrong with a collection of Tintin, Chacha
Chaudhary or superhero comics.