Amid speculation about being replaced as the chief minister of Karnataka, BS Yediyurappa on Wednesday urged his supporters and well-wishers to not indulge in any kind of protests or indiscipline that may embarrass the BJP. He said the party is “like a mother” for him.

“I am privileged to be a loyal worker of BJP. It is my utmost honour to serve the party with highest standards of ethics & behaviour.I urge everyone to act in accordance with party ethics & not indulge in protests/indiscipline that is disrespectful & embarrassing for the party,” Yediyurappa tweeted.

Appealing to supporters not to indulge in protests, the 78-year-old BJP veteran said, “Your goodwill should not exceed the boundaries of discipline. Party is like a mother to me and disrespecting it will cause pain to me. I believe that my true well-wishers will understand and respond to my feelings.”

The statement came as support continued to pour in for him from Mutts, pontiffs, and political leaders.

Yediyurappa, who is completing two years in office on July 26, had visited Delhi last week, during which he had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and BJP president J P Nadda. Following the visit, reports claimed that he has offered to resign from his post citing ill health.

He, however, dismissed the rumours and asserted that these were not at all true.

“So far no one has asked to resign. If there are any news, there is no value to it. It is the duty of a CM to come to Delhi to discuss state issues and get clearance, I will come again in the first week of August,” he had said.

The rumours of him being replaced started doing the rounds after some disgruntled leaders within the Karnataka BJP made repeated remarks targeting him and his family with accusations of corruption. Another section of the party is demanding the replacement of Yediyurappa (79) citing his age.  

Assembly elections in the state are slated to take place in 2023.