A video clip of All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) founder Badruddin Ajmal is being shared on social media where he could be heard talking about the Congress-UPA ‘Mahagathbandhan’ and about making the country an Islamic nation. However, the 36-second clip has been made by merging snippets from Ajmal’s 15-minute-long speech.

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In the viral clip, Ajmal can be heard saying in Assamese, ““For 800 years, Mughal Emperors had ruled India. Will make this country an Islamic republic. Who would form Ministry? Our Mahagathbandhan. Congress-UPA Mahagathbandhan would form the government, Insha’Allah. And in this government, your party AIUDF, with the symbol of lock and key, would be a partner. In the entire country, there wouldn’t have been even one Hindu. All would have been made Musalmaan,” according to Alt News.

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The clip has been shared by several notable journalists on social media and has been retweeted over thousand times by the general public.

The clip is taken segment-wise from Ajmal’s speech at Assam’s Barpeta district in 2019. In the original 15 min utes speech, Ajmal said, “For 800 years, Mughal Emperors had ruled India [5:50 to 5:58] and they did not have the guts to even dream that this nation will become an Islamic nation.”

Several regional channels too shared the video while BJP Assam leader Pijush Janti Hazarika shared the video on Facebook.