The Delhi government has imposed a total ban on fireworks for India’s Diwali celebration on October 24 in Delhi NCR, just like in 2021.

Supreme Court

On October 10, the Supreme Court made clear that it will not revoke its previous ruling in the case brought by BJP MP Manoj Tiwari, who was contesting the blanket prohibition on the sale, purchase, and use of firecrackers during the holiday season.

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The Supreme Court questioned how it could allow firecrackers, even if they were green crackers. “Have you seen the pollution in Delhi?” the Supreme Court asked the petitioner.

Although the sale, manufacture, storage, and use of all types of firecrackers is prohibited in the Capital, illicit sales are continuing unabated – both online and in some of Delhi’s busiest markets ahead of Diwali, as per Hindustan Times.

Air Quality Index

The National Green Tribunal banned the sale of all types of fireworks in any district with an AQI of 201 or higher in 2020. Readings between zero and 50 are considered ‘good,’ 51 and 100’satisfactory,’ 101 and 200’moderate,’ 201 and 300 ‘poor,’ 301 and 400’very poor,’ and 401 and 500’severe.’

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Meanwhile, on Diwali, some states have permitted the use of “green crackers.” 

Green crackers

The idea of “green crackers,” which was first proposed in 2018, basically comprises employing alternative raw materials that are intended to have a lower impact on the environment, hence lowering health risks and threats to people. Green crackers don’t contain dangerous substances like aluminium, barium, potassium nitrate, or carbon, unlike conventional crackers. Green crackers reportedly produce 30% fewer pollutants than normal crackers.

Additionally, the noise level produced by these crackers has decreased from 160 decibels to 110 dB. These fairly environmentally friendly crackers, created by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, are only offered in establishments that have registered with the government (CSIR).

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States that have banned the use of fireworks

Tamil Nadu: On Diwali, the Tamil Nadu government has permitted the use of fireworks for an hour but only twice. People can light fireworks between 6-7 a.m. and 7-8 p.m.

Haryana: The Haryana State Pollution Control Board has immediately outlawed the production, sale, and use of all firecrackers, with the exception of green crackers.

Punjab: On Diwali, October 24, the Punjab government has set aside two hours, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., for people to set off fireworks.

West Bengal: Only green fireworks are permitted for the Kali Puja on October 24 in West Bengal.