India may be left out of the Group of 7 diplomatic summit guest list as Germany debates if an invite should be sent out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the country’s stance on Russia. The G7 summit is scheduled for June this year in Bavaria.

Other Non-members of the G7, including Indonesia, Senegal and South Africa, may also be invited to the diplomatic event, Bloomberg reported citing unnamed sources.

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The official said that a preliminary list of possible invitees was made before February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine. However, the final decision is yet to be taken.

Steffen Hebestreit, the spokesperson of the German government, said in a statement, “The chancellor has repeatedly made clear that he would like to see as many international partners as possible joining the sanctions”, Bloomberg reported. However, India has so far not rolled out any sanctions against Moscow, unlike Western allies.

New Delhi has been in diplomatic crosshairs since the Ukrainian invasion began after an uptick was noticed in Russia’s export of oil to India. United States President Joe Biden even warned Prime Minister Modi that the move was not in India’s interest.

Washington DC also offered to diversify oil exporters for the Indian market, in an attempt to further isolate the Russian economy. India has so far made no commitments to slow down Russian oil imports.

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Russia recently faced a vote in the United Nations General Assembly that challenged its membership in the Human Rights Council. The vote, which was ultimately successful, saw more than 50 abstentions, including India.

The G7 is one of the most exclusive intergovernmental political forum. Countries like the United States, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy are members. Non-member states are also often invited to the meeting.