It is time to bid goodbye to the year 2020, a tumultuous year that has been testing in many different ways as we enter the final day of the year. 

December 31 is the last day of the year and is celebrated as New Year’s Eve across the planet and Google has marked the occasion with an adorable animated doodle. 

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Google

The doodle features a bird-house clock with 2020 written on it, symbolising the countdown to the new year and also features the letters of the tech giant’s name covered in fairy lights. 

Along with the animation, Google also had a special message for the occasion. “Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s been a cuckoo year, but 2020’s clock is ticking. The countdown begins now, and when the clock strikes midnight a new year will spread its wings!”

Additionally, if you search for New Year’s eve, or click on the doodle on the Google homepage that will direct you to the search,  you will see a special confetti cone, which will shoot all over the search page.