Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said he didn’t like the type of language Madhya Pradesh’s former Chief Minister Kamal Nath used for state minister Imarti Devi, ANI reported.

“Kamal Nath ji is from my party but personally, I don’t like the type of language that he used,” Gandhi told reporters.

“I don’t appreciate it, regardless of who he is,” the Congress leader said, terming Nath’s comment as “unfortunate”.

While campaigning in Gwalior’s Dabra town on Sunday, ahead of the November 3 by-polls in the state, Nath called Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) candidate Imarti Devi an “item”.

Commenting further on the treatment of women in India, Gandhi said, it needs to be “improved. Whether it’s in the law and order, whether it’s in basic respect, whether it’s in how much space they’re accorded in business, in governance, in other areas.”

“Our women are our pride and I think they should be protected,” the Congress leader said.

“And I don’t appreciate this type of language, regardless of who is using it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nath received flak over his remark, with BJP leaders of the state, led by CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan sitting on a two-hour silent fast on Monday. He also wrote to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi asking her to sack Nath from all party posts.