Abhishek Singh, an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer, who was suspended from his election duties in Gujarat after he posted on social media about his poll duty, uploaded a new post in which he clarified his motivations for the earlier post on Friday.

As per the Election Commission letter, Abhishek Singh “used Instagram for sharing his posting/joining as General Observer and had used his official position as a publicity stunt.”

In the letter, it was requested that all government services given to him to help him perform his observer duties be discontinued.

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In the social media post after the demotion, Singh said –  “A public servant, in a car bought by public’s money, reporting for public duty, with public officials, communicating it to the public. It is neither publicity nor a stunt.”

However, the officer from the Uttar Pradesh cadre made it clear that he accepts the Election Commission “with all humility.”

Singh was given the responsibility of serving as the general observer for the Bapunagar and Asarwa assembly districts in Ahmedabad. Singh posted two images to Twitter and Instagram.

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In one, he is positioned next to a government vehicle bearing the word “Observer” on its front. In a different post, he was pictured grinning into the camera alongside three additional officials and an armed security guard.

The caption read, “Joined as Observer for Gujarat elections.”

The officer was “immediately relieved of his duties as General Observer and has been debarred from any election-related duty till further orders,” according to NDTV, which has learned that the Election Commission “taken a very serious view” of the officer’s Instagram post.

The officer was given the go-ahead to depart the district and report to his parent cadre. Along with that, all of the government-provided amenities he had in Gujarat were removed, including the car that was the subject of his posts.

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Krishan Bajpai, another IAS official, has taken Singh’s job.

Singh is an IAS officer from the 2011 batch who comes from Uttar Pradesh. Singh has made appearances in a number of TV programmes including the short film Chaar Pandrah. He last appeared in the song Dil Tod Ke by B 

Singh describes himself as a “public servant, actor, social entrepreneur, and stubborn optimist.