India on Wednesday maintained its neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict by abstaining from a resolution brought by Russia on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The resolution was not adopted by the United Nations Security Council as it got 2 yes votes from Russia and China.

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India along with 12 other UNSC members skipped voting on the resolution that demanded: “civilians, including humanitarian personnel and persons in vulnerable situations, including women and children are fully protected, calls for negotiated ceasefire for enabling safe, rapid, voluntary and unhindered evacuation of civilians, and underscores the need for the parties concerned to agree on humanitarian pauses to this end.”

No countries voted against the resolution which, however, had no reference to the invasion.

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Other security council members made statements after the vote on the resolution which India skipped. On earlier occasions, India had abstained on voting in the Security Council twice and once in the General Assembly on resolutions on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield tweeted that “in a unified protest vote”, 13 members of the Security Council abstained from Russia’s farcical resolution deflecting blame for the humanitarian crisis it has created in Ukraine.

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In the Explanation of Vote, Thomas-Greenfield said it really is “unconscionable” that Russia would have the audacity to put forward a resolution asking the international community to solve a humanitarian crisis that Russia alone created.

“The United States intends to abstain on this text because, to state the obvious, Russia does not care about the deteriorating humanitarian conditions, or the millions of lives and dreams the war has shattered. If they cared, they would stop fighting.

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“Russia is the aggressor, the attacker, the invader – the sole party in Ukraine engaged in a campaign of brutality against the people of Ukraine – and they want us to pass a resolution that does not acknowledge their culpability,” she said.

UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward said that her country will not vote for any resolution, either in the Security Council or in the General Assembly, that does not recognise that Russia is the sole cause of this unfolding humanitarian catastrophe – and therefore key to ending it.

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“Russia’s draft called for all parties to respect international humanitarian law. It ignored that Russia is committing war crimes. Russia’s draft called for the protection of civilians, including women and children. But it omitted that Russia is bombing maternity hospitals, schools and homes,” Woodward said.

The Russian resolution in the Security Council was one of the three resolutions on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine that were put up before the UN General Assembly and the Security Council on Wednesday.

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The UN General Assembly resumed its 11th Emergency Special Session on Ukraine Wednesday and had two resolutions for consideration before it. The 193-member General Assembly is expected to vote on the resolutions Thursday.